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Other Horse Activities

Horsemanship Lessons

 Don't want to ride, but would like to spend time with horses and learn about them? Maybe you just want to destress after a day of work? We offer 1 hour horsemanship lessons. Horsemanship lessons include grooming and lessons on horsemanship, horse care, and ground work. Great for kids or adults that may be a little nervous getting on the horse and just want to gain confidence around them first. Also good for people that may have health issues that prevent them from riding, but they still love horses and would like to handle them on the ground. 


  45 min group- $15

  45 min private- $20

Horseback Introductory Lesson

Not sure if you want to take lessons regularly? Maybe you just want to experience what a riding lesson is like before committing to weekly lessons? Or do you want more instruction before going out on the trail? Our introductory lessons are 1.5 hours and include grooming, our first lesson of our horsemanship series, a leading lesson, basics of saddling, and a basic introductory riding lesson that focuses on your seat and control of the horse.

Price: $60