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Guided Trail Rides!!!!


Trail rides are open to the public. Whether you have riding experience or not, you are welcome to join us on our nicely shaded wooded trails. Our trails go up through our woods in the back of the village and along buffalo creek. Trail rides are offered year around when weather allows. Reservations are required so we may schedule staff and horses. Trail rides are offered every day of the week. 

Trail riders will have a chance to groom a horse if they so wish, have a brief lesson on how to sit in the saddle and controlling the horse, and then will be mounted up to go out on the trail. The total experience is 1.5-2 hours. Our trails are walking only

Trail Rides


$35 a person/ 

       45 min-1 hr ride

$45 a person/ 

      30 min in-depth riding lesson in our arena, and then 30 min on a relaxing trail ride

Evening Ride and Cookout

Come and enjoy an evening 1 hour trail ride, and then at the end a cookout beside scenic Buffalo Creek. 


1 hr trail ride + Campfire= $50/person

1 hr trail ride + Campfire+ Food= $60/person

      - Smores, Beef Hotdogs, and Non-alcoholic drinks

Kids 12 and under are $45 for both Campfire/or Campfire + Food

This ride starts at 4pm only. 

We can take up to 4 adults at a time and 1 rider under 120lbs. 

*Military discounts offered everyday of the week

*Family discounts offered Mon-Thur all year long